Inspire Pharma Company

Dear champions ;
5 years old is our beloved organization Inspire now , no doubt that It was born to be a giant and take its way rapidly and confidently towards inventing better future for its internal and external stakeholders.

Having its 4 values in the core Inspire is demonstrating with it's dedicated professional and loyal team , demonstrating a role model of ethical behavior ,professionalism, quality and innovation and materializing its strong well to be giant irrespective to the tough and challenging environments that serrounds the business environment .

It's time for all who shared in realizing Inspire dream to celebrate its 5th anniversary and to have some more fuel for another leap in Inspire success track.

You are cordially invited to Inspire 5th anniversary celebration in Cairo, JW Marriott on Monday 25th 2013

Looking forward to meeting you then

Yours sincerely
Ahmed Ibrahim MD,MBA
Scientific office director

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